Friday , May 27 2022

SGPGI performs the Country’s First Trans – Oral Robotic Thyroidectomy

Conventional open thyroid surgery leaves a scar in the neck which is considered undesirable by young women, girls & boys. Robotic surgery provides aesthetic and cosmetic surgery & does not leave a scar in the neck; instead it leaves scar near the arm pit which is hidden within the clothes. Trans oral method involves approaching & removing the gland through the mouth; hence there is no scar in the body. It is a scar- less surgery.

This operation was performed in SGPGI by Prof Amit Agarwal, Head of Department of Endocrine Surgery & In-charge SGPGI Robotic Surgery program on a 35- year- old patient who did not want a scar in the neck. The surgical team consisted of Dr. Amit Agarwal, Dr. S. Dabbas, Dr. Vikram, Dr. Yuvraj Devgan. The anesthesia team was led by Dr. Dr. Sujeet Kumar, Additional Professor, Anaesthesia, along with Dr. Kapil, Dr. Sanchit and Dr. Abhishek.To the best of our knowledge this procedure has been performed for the very first time in our country.Director, Dr. R.K. Dhiman who has been very supportive of the Robotic Program in SGPGI congratulated the team of Doctors for this achievement.

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